Welcome to the official Land of Gods website.

Voting for our server

Voting is an essential part of Land of Gods. Here you will find a list of voting websites and reasons to vote, along with general advice. Voting can be utilised to get keys to our vote crate and automatically enter you into our vote party.

Where can I vote?

If you vote on three of these websites you shall receive a diamond and entry into the vote party. Vote on all of the websites and you shall receive a Vote crate key!

Why should I vote?

Voting is one of the best ways to help out our server. It helps our server grow and can be done with minimal effort at your expense. We really appreciate you taking the time to vote for our server. Hence, we have made incentives that reward you for supporting our server.

Our reward incentives are strategic and are designed to not be “overpowered”. The incentives that you should expect to see include (but are not limited to); Vote crates, Hedj and VoteParties. You will receive a vote key and be entered into the vote party upon voting on three out of the four voting websites. By voting on the final website you will receive one diamond.

What are crates?

Crates are designed to reward you for showing your support. As of Friday the 1st of December, there are three crates. These crates can be found at the /warp crates section of spawn. Find the respective crate that is associated with your key. You can view the contents of this crate by left clicking the crate (punch).

When engaging with these crates, ensure that you have space in your inventory to receive items. When you are ready to receive your reward simply right click the crate with the associated key. A fancy animation will occur and you will receive a reward. To keep things interesting, not all items in the crate are positive. There is potential to win “dud” items such as cakes. Nonetheless, it is all in good spirit. We hope you enjoy the winnings.

If you find any issues with the crates (such as broken items, or unreasonable chances) please don’t hesitate to contact our staff team over on the discord. Party crates are really interesting crates. They are filled with extra special goodies that satisfy your win craving.