Welcome to the official Land of Gods website.

Useful Commands

On the Land of Gods server, you will work your way up from our starter rank (Slave) to our most prestigious rank (Oracle). The slave rank is the very first rank which is given out to players who join our server for the first time. This rank doesn’t have any prefixes, this is intentional, you receive status via the /rankup system.

General Commands

/help Opens a useful help gui.
/rules Sends you information about our server rules.
/msg Send a private message to a player. tell
/reply Reply to a private message. r
/home teleport to your safe home locations.
/sethome Set a safe home location.
/back Go back to your previous teleport/death location.
/kit Grab or preview a kit.
Teleport to one of our predefined warp regions.
/tpa Request to teleport to a player.
/tpahere Request a player to teleport to you.
/shakeitoff Dismount any mob/player that is riding you.
/wild Teleport to the wild portal (It randomly teleports you around the world).
/ranks Shows you a list of ranks available through /rankup.
/rankup Open up the rankup gui.
/shop Teleports you to the server shop.
/vote Vote daily to get cool rewards/perks.
/cr claim Claim crate keys that you receive via /vote.

Claim Commands

/claimClaim a region of land.