Land of Gods

Welcome to the official Land of Gods website.

Server Guidelines (Rules of the server)

This is the new Land of Gods rule page. Firstly, we would like to thank you for taking the time to read this page. These rules are important to our server and help uphold our amazing community. Therefore, you play a vital role in maintaining a safe, respectable
and fun server. Please note, you are responsible for your account. Therefore, all infringements that arise following the enforcement of the following rules, are applied to the associated account.

We (Land of Gods Staff) reserve the right to enforce these rules whichever way we see fit. The verdict of staff is final. If you have any issues with the judgement please see the report section of our discord.

But what rules do you need to follow?

General Rules

  1. You are responsible for your own account.
  2. Ban evading using alternate account will result in an IP-ban. Unban applications can be made on our discord!
  3. Use common sense. If it is wrong don’t do it.
    • It would be extremely difficult to list out all the possible rule violations.
    • Use your intuition to understand what is breaking the rules.

Chat Rules

  1. Advertising other servers is strictly prohibited. (Warning/mute)
  2. No commentary about Politics, Tragedies, and any other sensitive topics. (Warning/mute)
  3. No inappropriate behaviour and/or drama. (Warning/mute)
  4. Inappropriate usernames are not allowed. (Kick/Temporary ban)
  5. Spamming is not allowed. (Warning/mute)
  6. Chat must remain in english. (Warning/mute)
  7. Keep caps to a minimum. Excess use will result in a mute. (Warning/mute)
  8. Don’t leak any private information about yourself or any other player, even if you know them IRL.(Warning/mute))

Gameplay Rules

  1. Inappropriate skins are not allowed. (Kick/Temporary ban)
  2. Any form of griefing is not allowed. (Warn/Jail/Temporary ban)
  3. Griefing includes but is not limited to:
    • Destroying a build that you didn’t create, without consent.
    • Stealing from other players, ask before you take.
    • Scamming (includes renaming items to appear to be valuable items, e.g. keys)
    • Abusing other players and exploiting resources that you don’t own without consent.
    • Modifying a build, without consent, regardless of its claim state.
  4. Any form of exploitation is strictly prohibited. (1 – 30 Temporary ban)
  5. Forms of exploitation include:
    • Duplicating in game money/items.
    • Abusing bugs that could harm the server, other players, the economy.
    • Using macros to gain strategical advantages.
    • Redstone abuse.

Client Modification Rules

  1. The use of a hack, cheat, script or type of gameplay modifying utility is strictly prohibited. (Permanent ban)
  2. Mods that provide strategic advantages are not allowed. (Permanent ban)
    • This includes but is not limited to; X-Ray Mods/Resource Packs and any utility within a hacked client.
    • You may use additions that only provide performance improvements, such as Optifine.

Warning Punishments

  • Warning 1 – Temporary Mute (60 minutes).
  • Warning 2 – Temporary ban (1 day).
  • Warning 3 – Temporary ban (7 day).
  • Warning 4 – Temporary ban (30 day).
  • Warning 5 – Permanent ban.

By joining our server, you automatically accept our terms. You also accept that these rules are subject to change at any given time with or without notification.