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Changes and Updates (January/February)

Just an update for the past two months (January and February). I would love to hear your feedback on the discord. Let me know how you guys feel about the changes. Please remember not everything is complete (I will specify what is still being worked on).

Powerful New Dedicated Machine!

We have moved onto a new powerful machine. For all you tech heads we are now on an Intel Core i7 7700k cpu with 16gb of ram and 256GB of ssd space. What does this mean for the average player? Well for starters, less block lag, better gameplay, and faster server performance in general.

I migrated over 8GB of MySQL data (took longer to migrate this than the other 60GB’s of data, I have no idea how) and Maps from the old server. The over time it took for me to migrate everything successfully including the overcomplicated website transfer that took 7 reinstalls of wordpress, was roughly 5hrs total. Thank you all for your patience.

New Ranks!

I have been wanting to incorporate this feature for such a long time now. I finally think I have come to a point where I truely believe the ranks are fair, fun and worth ranking up to. Rank prices have also been ironed out to make it feel like subtle increases as you go up. Just a heads up, rank promotions will not solely depend on player balance in the future.

This is our push to get the server back into a play to win setting, which I personally love more than anything. It should cost roughly $4 million to get from Slave to Oracle. You may be thinking, “Gosh damn it Tox how the hell am I meant to rank up now???”, well the next section of the post will explain that, don’t worry 😉

With the new rank update I am still working on kits. The whole kits setup is changing as we will be moving to a GUI based kit redeeming setup. Something like this (Work in Progress):


I have spent a lot of time configuring a jobs setup that isn’t over powered or under powered. A lot of trial and error has gone into ensuring this jobs setup is optimal and I think I am at the point where I am happy with the setup. With that being said if you have any issues with the jobs setup please don’t hesitate to let me know on discord.

Finally the new map is out!

The new map is out and ready for use. Spawn has been updated, many thanks to _GreyDawn_ for building an amazing new spawn. The new map is currently limited in size. Once 1.13/1.14 comes out we will be increasing the size again. This is a strategic decision that will allow us to get the new terrain generation in our current map.

If you do not know much about the new map please see the previous blog post here.

Changes/Bug Fixes

    • Updated: Server hardware.
    • Updated: Server installations (MySQL, Java, Console Interface for Minecraft Server, PHP, apache, etc).
    • Updated: Server plugins.
    • Deal: I got a deal on a spawner plugin, this should be coming soon.
    • Change: /rankup, /ranks, and /rank open up the rank GUI (will soon be changed so only /rankup opens up the GUI).
    • Change: /buy now opens up donation GUI.
    • Change: Rank colours (still working on this and I will probably change merchant colours)
    • Change: Renamed ranks.
    • Change: Redesigned Leader boards design.
    • Change: Renamed starter tools to give sentimental value.
    • Change: Finally gave the ability to send McMMO credits to other accounts (Will soon make this cost money).
    • Change: Server restarts now occur at 5am EST -5.
    • Addition: New ranks (still working on this and I will probably change the name of Treasurer).
    • Addition: New permissions setup that is more fluid and feels way more natural.
    • Addition: New rankup GUI.
    • Addition: Teleporting with horse added to soldier rank.
    • Addition: Jobs plugin, you can now get a job using /jobs browse.
    • Addition: The /warp now has a GUI associated with it, you can easily click the warp that you want to goto.
    • Addition: Armour stand editing (not incorporated yet, will be a donator/crate reward)
    • Addition: New /tpa /tpahere messages that allow you to click the tick or cross to accept or deny, respectively.
    • Removed: Ace due to a bug causing players to get stuck in spawn.
    • Removed: slime spawners from the donation store due to inconsistencies.
    • Bug fix (Minecraft): Teleport causing you to fall through blocks.
    • Bug fix (Minecraft): Movement bug causing you to glitch back into blocks when running.
    • Bug fix (Minecraft): Afk leave message shows after you chat and after you leave.
    • Bug fix (Minecraft): Tab list lag issues.
    • Bug fix (Minecraft): Teleporting onto beds/chests/blocks that aren’t full block height causing players to fall into blocks and die.
    • Bug fix (Minecraft): Not being able to place spawners within 3 blocks of each other (was reduced to 1 block apart).
    • Bug fix (Minecraft): Daily reward giving out faulty keys and the wrong type of Hedj (Thanks to all who reported this).
    • Bug fix (Minecraft): /Wild warp teleporting you outside map boarders causing you to suffocate to death.
    • Bug fix (Minecraft): NPC’s not talking to players at spawn.
    • Bug fix (Minecraft): Spawn lighting issues.
    • Bug fix (Minecraft): /Crates was taking players to the old crates location.
    • Bug fix (Minecraft): Unsafe teleporting issues.
    • Bug fix (donation page): Image not covering height of web page.
    • Updated AlmBot6000’s drivers to February edition, a few bugs in code were fixed by this.

Thank you to everyone who was patient, waiting for this much needed update.

Now I shall get back to studying for University,

– Tox 😉

Picture of two guys dancing.

^ Photo of Tox (red) and Grey (black) dancing.