Land of Gods

Welcome to the official Land of Gods website.

So, what’s on the agenda for December?

Hey everyone, this is the monthly update for December. Here you will find out what I have been up to for the past month and what I have planned.

Our New Website!

Firstly, welcome to our new website! I have been working on this website for quite a while to make sure that it is perfect in every way. With that being said, if you notice any visual bugs or errors please don’t hesitate to let me know via the discord. On this site you can find information about upcoming and current events, updates, and awards. We will try to keep all the juicy update information a secret however, information will slowly trickle out.

We Have a Twitter!

This December marks the official release of our new Twitter page! I plan on using this account to announce special discounts, tips and award. Occasionally, I will feature player builds from the new map (with credit of course)! Follow us to keep up to date with what is happening on the server.


We have introduced a fourth voting link. Minecraft-MP previously replaced this voting link. Nevertheless, it’s back! Vote rewards have changed a little and here is how:

  • Hedj converted into Iron Ingot. If you have any Gold Ingot Hedj please trade with the “Trader” villager at /warp crates.
  • Voting on 3 of the 4 websites now gives you 1 diamond and enters you into the vote party.
  • Voting on all four websites will give you a vote key.

New Map!

A new map is on the Mr_Horizon. The new map has been created and we have almost completed construction on the new spawn. The current map is almost 1 year old and we feel like its the perfect time for a fresh start. This could leave you curious about what you can transfer over. Well here are a few things that will get transferred over:

  • Ranks
  • Balance
  • McMMO levels
  • Items (You will have to manually move these over)
  • Purchased items from the store

Unfortunately, builds will not be transferred over to the new map. We know you are all so proud of your builds and so are we. Therefore, we have decided to make all maps (main world, nether, end) available for download. These maps will become downloadable when the old map is no longer in use (March 30th, 2018).

Please make sure that you write down the co-ordinates of the bases that you own before March 30th. By doing so, you can travel your way back to your builds.

Other Changes

  • Removed ore obfuscation plugin in favour of built in replacement (Significant performance improvements).
  • Deleted cache for ore obfuscation plugin (was 8GB+ of cache).
  • Removed anti-cheat in favour of a new premium anti-cheat with a premium configuration.
  • Fixed spawn shops creating lag (was using up 1000% of the tick).
  • Redesigned website and store (more efficient and very seo friendly).
  • Redesigned the warn/mute/ban/kick plugin text to be more fitting to our server.
  • Updated design of the tab-list to include vote party status and balance (Thanks for the suggestion Ben).
  • Arenas have been fixed (Thanks to the dev who I have been working with for so long).
    • Arena gameplay mechanics can now be worked on (This is a low priority at the moment).
  • Made the design of the announcer header and footer identical in width.
  • Fixed lighting plugin bugs that caused spawn to loose a lot of its lighting
  • A few issues were fixed in the FlyingCarpet plugin to make magic carpets less glitchy.
  • Updated the design and text used for /start.
  • Updated AlmBot6000’s drivers to December edition.

Now I shall get back to sleep,

Tox 😉

Picture of a corgi dog sleeping on a carpet. Implying I am sleeping in December.